Friday, January 21, 2011

Our little Calee

Calee has been sick this week with a stomach bug. The poor little thing has been throwing up and had diarrhea all week. I have decided that having sick kids is the worst thing in the world. Hearing her little voice in the night saying, "my tummy hurts" and then going in and seeing her laying in a bed full of throw up about breaks my heart. She was so excited the other day to receive a birthday card in the mail from her Great Grandma and Grandpa Call. She was even more excited when she opened it up and saw that there was five dollars in there. I just had to take a picture of her with her card and five dollars. It was one of the highlights of her week. We just love her so much and hope that she is over this so she can celebrate her birthday this weekend. Can't believe our baby will be three years old.


Cambree is our little fashionista. She is really into dresses, skirts, and tutus. Lately it is hard to talk her into wearing jeans. She would rather wear stuff with leggings. This little ensemble was supposed to be for Valentines Day but of course we let her wear it early. She did look stinkin' cute and we snapped this picture of her before she headed out the door for school.