Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012 was a good one. We are so lucky to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives and love this time of year when we can think of him and reflect on his birth and his life. We are also so lucky to have so many friends and family that we love and were able to spend time with this Christmas season. We always look forward to Christmas Eve at Grandma and Grandpa Calls house. This year we got to eat our famous christmas eve breakfast and then take turns talking to Carlie over the internet. Christmas eve, we told the kids that they couldn't wake up till 7:00 am which isn't a problem, because our kids like to sleep in. Carter set his alarm for 7:00 am on Christmas morning and didn't hesitate waking everybody up. There is nothing better than seeing our kids so excited on Chrismast morning. Carter got his 32" TV that he wanted. The girls each got their Kindle Fire tablets that they wanted. Those were their big presents this year. Of course they were spoiled rotten with all kinds of other fun presents and clothes too. It was a fun morning. The rest of the day was spent eating and opening presents at both of our parents house.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day