Thursday, February 10, 2011

Historic Jazz Game!

What a game last night! Carter and I had no idea we were attending Jerry Sloan's last basketball game, coaching the Jazz. We were shocked when we heard the announcement today. We surprised Carter with basketball tickets to the Bulls/Jazz game for his birthday. Carter and I went last night with our friends Chad and Josh. We had great seats and the game was awesome. It was wierd to see Boozer and Korver in Bulls in uniforms and playing for the bulls in the Energy Solutions Arena. Boozer got booed everytime he would get the ball. Our brother-in-law, Kyle was also at the game and we met up with him during half time. Carter and Josh had a blast. We were given free Utah Jazz aluminum bottles and we even got to shoot baskets to try and win Jazz towels. Carter and I each made a basket and won some cool, green Jazz towels.  In the end, Jazz were defeated by the Bulls, but it was still a good game, and Carter loved every minute of it.