Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Carter!

It was Carter's Birthday today. It seems like kids are so excited all year long, waiting for their birthday to come and then it is here and gone in a flash. Carter had a really good birthday today. He woke up and opened some presents. (A few new Nintendo DS games and Imaginext toys). I made him his favorite breakfast, Cinnamon and brown sugar pop tarts and chocolate milk. He took Reeses peanut butter cups and Blow pops to school to hand out to his class for his birthday treat. Tonight we gave him his big birthday present. He got a new green Specialized Fuse BMX bike. (Yeah, he is way too spoiled! I never had a bike that nice growing up!) He is pretty excited about it. He had to take it for a spin around the neighborhood a few times. For his birthday dinner he wanted to go to his favorite restaraunt, Bellas. We ate really good mexican food and they sang to Carter, while he wore a sombrero. He is really excited for tomorrow night. We are throwing him a party with all his friends from school down at Fat Cats in the Solomon Center.

Cambree & the Princess Ball!

Cambree has little friend named Kambrie (same name, just spelled differently), that had a birthday this week and invited Cambree to a princess ball. Cambree was so excited. For days she talked about how she was going to a "princess ball". She dressed all up in her island princess dress, shoes, tiara, and jewelry. Here are a few pictures of her.

Spanish Rice!

The other night we had our friends Bryce and Amanda over for Mexican food night. We gave Calee a bowl of spanish rice to eat. She ate almost a whole bowl. She also made a huge mess, but it was really cute.