Sunday, May 31, 2009

Baseball Season

Carter is playing baseball again this summer. He is on a team with several of his friends from the neighborhood, and he is having a lot of fun. He has played catcher a few times and really loved that. It is fun to see him improve from year to year and have fun playing. He is such a good little athlete when his mind is in it and he is focused. We love watching him and are really proud of him.

Cambree's pre-school graduation

Here are a few pictures of Cambree at her pre-school graduation. Laura Seargant was an awesome pre-school teacher. Cambree learned a lot the last two years. She is quite the little smarty. They put on a really cute little program for us. They all sang a bunch of songs together, and then they each had a part where they got up and told a nursery rhyme that they had memorized. Cambree's was Mary, Mary quite contrary, and she did an awesome job.