Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fire Station Open House

Last night we had our annual Open House at the Fire Station. It is a night where we invite everyone in the community to come and learn about fire safety, eat some food, and enjoy fun activities. The kids love to climb around on the trucks and go for rides. They also can spray water from a fire hose, talk to the clowns and see fun demonstrations. We even had AirMed come and land in the parking lot and stay for awhile. The neatest thing about this year's open house, though, is that we built two mock living rooms that we actually lit on fire. The first room, we let flash over and then we put it out with a hose. The second room had a fire sprinkler installed in the ceiling to show how effective sprinklers are at putting out fires. (The funnest thing about it all, is that Rick and I were the ones that got to suit up in full turnout gear and our SCBA's and spray the fire out!)

Cambree and her friend Avery, eating Pizza and cookies
 Air Med
 Travis and the girls
 Cambree and her Grandpa
 Me and Rick getting ready

 right before flashover
 waiting to move in

 starting the attack

 after the fire
 Me and Calee
 what was left of the room
 Carter and Josh with the Air Med helicopter

 Calee giving "HoseTower" (Brendan) a hug