Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fire Watch!!!

The fire station has extra money for two people to drive around in a brush truck each night and patrol the restricted areas and foothills of North Ogden and Pleasant View, for the months of July and August. Last night I took a shift with Aaron Nielson and the night started off good. We spent the first half of the night patrolling the North Ogden side and talking to citizens. We decided to come down to Taco Time and get a bite to eat and then head back up to patrol the Pleasant View side. As we pulled back on to Washington Boulevard we immediately noticed a big ball of fire up on the mountain. We hurried and went lights and sirens, called dispatch, and booked it up there as fast as we could. We were first on scene and there was a car fully engulfed in flames. We immediately sprayed water on the car and looked inside to see if there was anyone inside. Luckily, there wasn't anyone inside. The wind was blowing about 30 mph and taking the fire to the west and spreading very quickly. We started putting the fire out, but it got away from us really quick and we kept running out of booster line. luckily, we had brush trucks and engines from all over the county respond and help contain it before it could get to any houses. It was quite an exciting night. One I will never forget!

This was a picture I took in the evening before the sun went down

This is a picture of us fighting the fire