Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Carter's Giant Cabbage!

Last year in Mrs. Swensons class, Carter brought home a small cabbage plant in a little cup and was given a challenge by his teacher to plant it, water it, and take care of it all summer. Well, we don't have a garden, but Bryce and Amanda (our friends that live next door), do have one and they let Carter plant it in the corner of their garden. They helped him grow it and take care of it. We were amazed at how well it did and how big it ended up being. We picked it this week and plan on making some Sarmale out of it. (Sarmale is a romanian dish which is stuffed cabbage rolls). It was a fun learning experience for Carter and he is excited to show it to Mrs. Swenson.

2nd day of School!

Everyone posts pictures of their kids on the first day of school. Not us........ We like to be different..... So, we took pictures of our kids on the 2nd day of school. They were so excited to ride their bikes to school today. They were busy this morning finding their bike locks, keys, and getting their backpacks and bikes ready. I am glad that we live close to Majestic and that they can ride their bikes to school.