Friday, July 9, 2010

Dube' Family BBQ

Sunday, July 4th, we had Christy's whole family over for a barbecue. I was excited to try out  my brand new grill and we were happy that everyone could have the day off and be together as a family. The kids all had a blast playing together and we had fun just eating, talking, and enjoying spending time with each other. As soon as it got dark, we had a ton of fireworks to light off. Dan had some illegals that we lit off first. Being a firefighter and knowing how well our neighborhood gets patrolled by Harrisville City Police, I was a little nervous, but it was fun for a change. Our friends Chad, Jen, Josh, and Mccale came and hung out with us too, and watched some fireworks. Josh even got out his guitar and played some music for us. It was just a really fun night!

Tavyn and Emmy

Calee, Cambree, Emmy, Carter, Tavyn

Dan, Juggling the Bocce balls



Fireworks show

Natlalie, Emmy, Misty, Calee
Josh, playing his guitar for us

More sparklers