Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We hope everyone had a very fun and safe Halloween! We did at our house. The weather was perfect. We couldn't have asked for a better night. Bryce and I took the kids trick-or-treating while Christy and Amanda handed out candy. We started over by Majestic Elementary and trick-or-treated all the way back to our neighborhood. I think that the kids were pretty tired by the time we were finished. We made it back home just as it started to sprinkle. It was a lot of fun to see all of our friends and neighbors last night and to see how cute their kids were. Bryce was the Burger King this year, and everywhere we went, people were laughing and saying, "Hey Burger King, are you going to put a dollar in my pocket?" It was pretty funny.
Happy Halloween!

Bryce, the Burger King

Pumpkin Alley

Weber County does a fun thing each year called Pumpkin Alley. They go around to different schools and have kids carve pumpkins and then they put them on display. It is always a lot of fun to go and see so many different pumpkins and see some that are kind of silly. Our kids especially love going to Pumpkin Alley, because they get to see Grandma, who works in the Golden Spike Events Center, and she usually spoils them with extra candy and chocolate milk. This year was really fun because Walmart donated lots of blow-up Halloween decorations. We took Bryce, Amanda, and Emmy with us and they loved it.
My mom with the kids
Carter being silly
Carter & Cambree being silly