Monday, November 15, 2010

We love our kids!

Long Hair!

Some of you have noticed the last little while that Carter's hair is getting pretty long. He decided this summer that he wanted to grow his hair out. We have always been against the idea, but finally decided to let him try it. It has taken some getting use to, since he has had short hair his whole life up until now. The longer it gets, the easier it is to comb in the morning. We still aren't crazy about it. I keep trying to talk him into cutting it. He has even gotten some money bribes from people in the family to cut it. Hopefully when he starts basketball, I can talk him into cutting it. Until then,  we'll just love our shaggy little boy!

Cambree and her little black boots!

Cambree has wanted black boots for quite awhile. Well, Christy surprised her this week by buying her some cute, black boots. We weren't going to give them to her for a few weeks, but Christy couldn't resist giving them to her early. I had no idea a pair of boots could make a little girl so happy. She wore them to church on yesterday, she wore them to Grandma's house last night, and I noticed she wore them to school this morning. She does look stinkin' cute in them. They make her look older than she really is, which I am not crazy about, but she does look very cute and very stylish.