Wednesday, June 15, 2011



a time for riding bikes, eating popsicles, dancing, playing, and just having fun.....

Kirina's blessing day!

Jared and Sami blessed Kirina Sunday June 5. Afterward we all went to Mom and Dad's house for a nice dinner. The kids all played in the back yard and had a good time. It was a really nice day and we are so proud of Jared and Sami, and just love little baby Kirina. Here are some cute pictures that I took of Cambree, Calee, Addi, and Kirina.

Cambree's 1st grade graduation program

Cambree had such a fun time in 1st grade this year. We just love Mrs. Butler and are so grateful for her. We were able to attend Cambree's graduation program. Cambree sang so cute and we are so proud of her.

Silly girls!

One night our girls decided to drag every chair and ride toy out of our garage,  to the middle of the driveway and make their own "garage". Here are some cute pictures of Cambree, Calee, and Emmy

Pirates Rule at the Raingutter regatta!

Carter got to do his first raingutter regatta in cub scouts. Because of his love for pirates of the carribean and Jack Sparrow, he wanted to do a pirate ship. We took it up to Grandpa's house and Rounded and sanded the edges of the pontoons. Shandi made a skull and crossbones on her cricut and Carter helped me paint it black. It turned out to be a really cool looking boat. The night of the regatta, it was apparent that pirates seemed to be the most popular theme. A lot of the other boys also did pirate ships. Carter had a lot of fun and kicked some major butt. He ended up winning first place which was a neat experience for him. It was fun watching the boys race, but the most entertaining part was watching how crazy some of the parents were.

p.s. (for anyone out there that will be doing on of these, I learned a secret. The more wood you sand off of your pontoons, the less stable your boat becomes. Some of the parents tried to sand a bunch off and make them more streamlined and they lost their stability. We rounded the fronts and backs of Carter's pontoons and the edges and that was all, and his boat was very stable)