Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cambree's Baptism

A Baptism to remember!
Well....... Where do I start. Cambree's special day finally came. She had lots of family and friends come to her baptism. Cambree and three others from our stake were baptized, including a little girl named Aaliyah, who is a little friend of Cambree's. The baptism ceremony went perfect. The confirmation was an amazing experience and the spirit in the room was so strong. Afterwards, we invited everyone down to Pleasant View Barker Park for cake and root beer floats. Cambree posed for pictures with everyone. Cambree was spoiled with lots of neat cards, money, jewelry, and other gifts from everyone. And then, as we were starting to wrap things up, we could hear Cambree crying and looked over to see Carter helping her walk over to us from the playground. We could tell right away that Cambree had broken her arm. (She had fallen off of the monkey bars and hit her arm). Cambree got to us and nearly passed out from the pain. We practically caught her and carried her to the car. Christy and I said quick thank-you and goodbye to everyone and took Cambree up to Mckay Dee ER.  We were supposed to be climbing into the car and heading to Disneyland for our family vacation, but instead we were driving to the hospital with a little girl and her broken arm. Well, Cambree was in the spotlight at the ER. Everyone was talking about the cute little blonde girl in her pretty baptism dress with the broken arm on her baptism day. An orthopedic specialist came and told us that the break was a bad one and that we needed to take her to Primary Childrens hospital in Salt Lake City and that she would have to undergo surgery there to have it fixed.
We climbed in car and headed to Salt Lake City. Christy and I were devastated. Not only were we upset that our little Cambree had broken her arm and was in pain, we didn't know if we were still going to be able to go to Disneyland on our family vacation or not. Everyone at Primary Children's hospital was amazing. They spoiled her with a cute little doll, a webkinz stuffed animal puppy, and a really cute pink flannel blanket. The nurses and doctors were all so good to her and really helped to put our minds at ease. We were told right away that they would try and get her into surgery right away and that she would have to spend the night, but that we should still be able to go to Disneyland. Cambree's orthopedic surgeons were awesome and they explained everything really well and the surgery only took about a half an hour. The surgery went well and they had to use three pins to keep her bones together. We had to spend that night with Cambree and she had really fun nurses. Christy slept on the little couch bed and I slept on some cushions on the floor. It was a long night full of interruptions from nurses coming in and taking care of Cambree, but we managed to get some sleep. The next morning we had some breakfast, and Cambree was released to go home. We couldn't wait to get home and leave for Disneyland.

 Cambree and Great Grandma and Grandpa Call
 Cambree and her friend Aaliyah

 Memories with Uncle Randy
 Cambree and her cute baptism cake that her cousin Megan made

 Cambree and our best friends Chad, Jen, Makell, and Brandon
 Cambree with Great Grandma and Grandpa Laws
 Cambree with Great Grandma and Grandpa Dube
 Cambree in the Mckay ER
 Cambree's broken arm (left arm, just above the elbow)
 x-rays of Cambree's arm after her surgery (showing the three pins that were inserted)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Cambree's baptism pictures

We decided to drive up to Brigham City and take pictures of Cambree in her baptism dress outside of the new Brigham City temple. It was during the temple open house and so there were lots of people watching and commenting on how cute Cambree was and how pretty her baptism dress was. It was a fun night. We are so proud of Cambree and choosing to be baptized. We are blessed to have her as our daughter. She is such a good girl and we just love her so much. Tomorrow will be a special day!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dance Performance Days!

Cambree and Calee are both taking dance classes again this year at Julie Moffett ballet school. Cambree is taking an extra class so she can be a sugar plum fairy in the Nutcracker this year. We are so proud of both of our girls and love them so much. This week we got to attend the last fifteen minutes of their classes and watch them perform what they have learned so far. It is so fun to watch them dance.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Carter's Haunted House!

The fifth graders get to all make haunted houses this year and display them in the library at school. I helped Carter build his and then spray pain it. After that was all done, he took it up to Grandma's house and had her and Shandi help him decorate it. They did a really good job and it turned out looking really cool. He was excited to take it to school and show it off to all of his friends. It was a fun project!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Field trip to the Ogden Nature Center

Calee's pre-school class had their first field trip of the year on thursday. We went to the Ogden Nature Center and Calee was super excited. She couldn't wait to see the turkeys, the deer, and all the cool birds that they have there. Our kids have always loved everything about the nature center. Calee's pre-school class is a lot smaller this year and she is one of the oldest in her class, so it is fun to see her be a little leader and show the kids around the nature center. We love the trail with all the bird houses. We also loved the bear den. Calee was so brave and crawled through it over and over. At the end of our nature walk, the kids each got to make a pinecone covered in peanut butter an birdseed to hang out in the yard for the birds. It was a very fun day. I just love our little Calee bug so much!