Friday, February 15, 2013

Calee's Ear Surgery

As much as we love our cute little Calee bug and everything about her (including her ears), we also knew that as she got older, kids were going to tease her about her ears. Christy and I have always talked about looking into surgery for Calee to have her ears pinned back.

This year we discovered a plastic surgeon named Dr. Thompson who has an office in bountiful that specializes in plastic surgery from the neck up. He also specializes in ear pinning and was even in a magazine. We felt pretty strongly that we needed to make an appointment to see him. We were really impressed with him from the very beginning. He was so cute with Calee and talking to her about her ears. He told us that Calee was actually an extreme case.

Ususally people have 1 of 2 things wrong with their ears that causes them to stick out like hers. She had both things wrong with hers. He took a lot of pictures and we scheduled a surgery date for February 15th. Well, before we knew it, the big day was here. We had to be at the Bountiful Surgical center at 6:15 am. Calee went into surgery at 7:00 am. Dr. Thompson took an hour on each ear and then Calee was in recovery for about a half an hour. All the nurses fell in love with Calee. They all told us how good she was and how cute she was. They all wanted to keep her.

Well, we brought her home friday morning and she did great all weekend. She has to wear a headband for at least one week and take antibiotics. Our good friend Stephanie Petersen made Calee the cutest headbands for her to wear while her ears recover. I want to say a big thank-you to my parents for their support and for being there friday. They are a big reason whey this surgery was even possible for Calee and we really love them and are grateful to them. We also want to say thank-you to so many other friends and family for your love, concern, and for visiting Calee. It means a lot. We are really happy with how her ears turned out. She looks so cute and little bit older. Although we loved her ears and will miss them the way they were, we know that she will thank us one day.

 Our cute little Calee bug before surgery

 Calee with her Grandma
 Calee right after surgery
 The day after surgery

Calee and her new ears