Friday, December 31, 2010

Legos, Legos, and more Legos!

We love Legos at our house and Santa brought a lot this year. We have been busy the last couple of days building Cambree's Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle, and Carter's Halo Pelican drop ship. We completed them today and the kids are so excited. I can't believe how cool Legos are these days. The detail on the Hogwarts castle is amazing. I just hope they will keep them this way for at least a few weeks before they start breaking all the pieces off and losing them. We'll see........

The Gingerbread House is on fire!

Our kids were excited to go up to Grandma's house and build a gingerbread house with her and Shandi last week. Everything started out normal. They tried to make a door and windows on the front with red icing, but it ended up running all over the place. My kids decided it was a Gingerbread house that had caught on fire. From then on, their imaginations started runnig wild, from fire to bloody snowmen and a bloody gumdrop man lying on the ground outside the gingerbread house. I would worry about them, except they come from a family full of firefighters, so this is pretty normal for our family. I am just glad they had so much fun building this one.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Morning

This year our kids decided they wanted to all sleep together in Cambree's room. They were all so hyper and excited for Santa to come and it took them awhile to go to sleep. Christmas morning was fun this year. It was especially fun to watch Calee. She wanted to open each present right after she unwrapped it. This year was all about Star Wars, Legos, and Halo for Carter. For our girls, it was all about "American Girl Doll" dolls, legos, and arts and crafts type stuff. It was a fun morning. Here are a few pictures:

Monday, December 20, 2010

Playing in the snow!

Saturday was a fun day. I headed out to snowblow the driveway, and the girls headed right out play in the snow. By the time I was done with the driveway, they had already built what looked like the start to a really good snowman. I asked them what they were building, and they told me that they were playing "Cake Boss" and that they were building a princess castle cake. (Silly girls!) Later, I talked them into making a sledding ramp and helped them take turns sledding down it.  The girls also had fun buzzing up and down the street on Cooper's little 4-wheeler. Carter and Josh wanted to have a snowball fight, so I helped them build walls to duck behind and we had a good time throwing snowballs at each other.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Family Pictures!

On a whim, we decided to get some family pictures done right before Christmas. Saturday was a nice day, so we called up our cousin Carlie and she met us downtown to take our pictures. She did an awesome job and we are really grateful for her. It is always fun to get new family pictures.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Santa Claus

Our kids got to see Santa last night up in Pleasant View. It is fun to see them get so excited about seeing Santa Claus. Calee sat there and was really quiet for a minute. Eventually she opened up and told santa that she wants a puppy. (not a real puppy) she wants an American Girl Doll puppy named "pepper."

Western Motocross Nationals

This weekend was the Western Motocross Nationals at the Golden Spike Arena. Christy and I took the kids friday night for a few hours, and then I took Carter and Cambree last night. Our kids loved watching it. They especially loved the kids races on the minis. Cambree thought it was awesome to see so many girls racing motocross. I was amazed at how fast the pros can fly around that course. It was a rush to be so close to the action and watch them race.
 This was Cambree's favorite rider 

Some fun pictures down at Union Station

Yesterday turned out to be a nice day, so we called our cousin, Carlie and asked her to take some pictures of us. It got a little cold towards the end, but we had fun. Our kids love it down there at Union Station. These are just a few pictures that I snapped with my camera. As soon as we get pictures back from Carlie, I will post them.