Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Our kids got to have a really fun Easter Egg Hunt sunday after Easter Dinner at Grandma Calls House. Kyle, Emily, and Shandi hid Easter eggs all over the backyard. Our kids had a lot of fun running around the backyard finding easter eggs. Calee was especially fun to watch. She would squeal and get so excited everytime she would find an easter egg. After they were done, they got to sit and open each egg and see what was inside. Some of them had candy, some had money, and some had prize tickets.
This is Calee getting ready to go outside and start Easter Egg hunting

Playdough Creations

One of our kids' favorite things to do lately is play with playdough. Anyone that knows Christy and I really well, knows that we hate playdough. It is messy and it always ends up all over the place on our table and carpet. We have never really bought it for them because we have never wanted to deal with the mess.Well, "The Easter Bunny" got some wild idea to buy our kids all different colors of playdough and a playdough toy set that they can use to make all different kinds of shapes. Well, it was a hit! Our kids played playdough together for most of the morning and every day since then. Yes, it is messy, but our kids are having fun, and they are pretty good to clean up after themselves.

Carter's cool playdough car

Cambree's playdough man

Easter Morning!

Our kids were so excited for the Easter Bunny this year. Carter was up bright and early going to the bathroom and announcing that the Easter Bunny had come. We made him go back to bed for a little while longer until the girls were awake. It is always fun to watch them get so excited when they see what the Easter Bunny brought them. Calee was especially fun to watch this year. She was squealing in excitement when she saw all the stuff in her Easter Basket. We tried to teach our kids the true meaning of Easter and why we celebrate it. Easter is harder for kids to understand. They understand that we celebrate Christmas because Jesus was born. It is harder for them to understand that Easter is about Jesus dying and being resurrected. It was fun having Easter and general conference on the same weekend. It was nice to stay home, relax, and watch conference. Our kids loved watching the neat stories about other countries that were shown between conference sessions.

Coloring Easter Eggs

Saturday Night the kids got to go up to Grandma "Pebbles" house and dye Easter Eggs. They love to dye Easter Eggs, and my mom is always so patient to help them. She had 2 dozen eggs, all hard-boiled and ready for them to decorate. They made a lot of really neat, colorful eggs this year. They also kept dropping them and cracking them, but they had tons of fun