Sunday, December 7, 2008

Carter & Cambree doing homework & acting Silly

I took some pictures of the kids doing their homework and acting silly the other night. Christy and I are so proud of both of them. Both Carter & Cambree love doing homework. We rarely have to ask them to do it. Usually they are begging us to do it each night. Carter read a book to me the other night and I could not believe how well he was doing. It is really exciting to see him read and love to do it. Last Friday, Carter was really excited because he got to go with all the other first graders that met the required reading hours, and go down to the megaplex and watch the Polar Express. He came home and told us that they even got popcorn and drinks and that he got to sit next to his little (girl) friend Paige. We really want to thank Mrs. Butler, his 1st grade teacher, so if she is reading this, THANKS a million! I have had the opportunity to go on several field trips and Christy volunteers every week. We have both gotten to know the 1st grade teachers, and we have both tried to be involved as much as we can. If anyone wants to know who to request for 1st grade, Mrs. Butler is who you want. She is the greatest! We feel pretty lucky that Carter got her this year.
The nightly homework session at the counter
Oh, oh.. the camera is out, time to be silly!

Cambree, being silly