Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to School Night!

Our kids are very excited for school this year. It is hard to watch our kids grow up so fast, but it is awesome to see Carter and Cambree be so excited for school. This year Cambree starts second grade and has Mrs. Strebel for her teacher. Carter is starting fourth grade and has Mrs. Stratford and Mrs. Allen. Last night was back to school night and they got to meet their teachers and see their classrooms. It was fun to find their classrooms, their desks, and to meet their teachers. We actually know Mrs. Stratford really well because the Stratfords were in our ward before it split, and I know Mrs. Allenn because I went to school with her growing up and graduated from Weber High with her. It was also fun to watch our kids see so many of their friends and be so excited to be back with them in school.

Picking Blackberries with Grandma!

Sunday night our kids got to have a sleep-over up at Grandma's House. They were so excited, they could hardly stand it! They got to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa, help pick blackberries, got hot-tubbing in Grandma's hot tub, and then have a fun sleep over. Here are a few pictures of them picking blackberries:

Stirrup some fun!

This year the theme of the 2011 Weber County Fair was Stirrup some fun! Our kids live for the fair to get here each summer and this year we spent plenty of time at the fair. This year they got to pet and feed lots of animals, play lots of games, climb the climbing wall, get their faces painted, touch sting-rays, watch professional wakeboarders do lots of cool tricks, and even go to the demolition derby on saturday night. Oh yeah, and all the while we got to eat lots of yummy fair food. There wasn't any big fights this year at the demolition derby, but there was a cool rollover and luckily the driver was not hurt. It was crazy. I am so glad our kids and their friends were able to have such a fun time this week at the fair. It was a good time.

Cambree turns 7 years old!

Cambree's birthday is Agust 9th and this year she wanted two main things: clothes and barbies. Well, her day started with us making her favorite breakfast, which is cinnamon rolls. She opened her presents which included lots of clothes and barbie stuff, but we also surprised her with a pink Razor motor scooter, which she was really excited about. She spent the whole day riding her scooter and playing with her friends. This year her two Grandmas also spoiled her rotten with lots of cute new clothes (which is always nice right before school). For her birthday dinner she wanted to eat at her favorite restaraunt which is Bellas, of course. She got to wear a sombrero and eat dessert while they sang happy birthday to her. We love Cambree so much and can't believe that she is seven years old! Next year she will be old enought to be baptized (Crazy!)