Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Each year we are blessed with the awesome opportunity to go and help pick peaches up at the Peach Orchard in Pleasant View, not too far from our house. The peach orchard is owned by the LDS church and supplies thousands of pounds of peaches to people all over the world. Last year we held a family home evening and taught our kids all about the peach orchard and how important it is for us to help pick peaches so they can be shipped all over the world and help feed people that need them. We took our kids last year up to pick peaches and they loved it. They talked about it all year long and this year they were begging to go back up. We were able to go up tuesday night for a few hours and pick a lot of peaches. Cambree got to go with her activity days group which was fun for her. It is always a very neat and very humbling experience. I can't quite describe that feeling that I get when I am up there. The spirit is overwhelmingly strong at times. It is awesome to see so many people up there helping out. I am proud of our kids and how hard they worked at picking peaches and that they are such good kids and have a desire to help. It was a fun night! one our kids will always remember, I'm sure!
(these picture were taken with my Iphone, so they aren't the best quality)