Friday, May 20, 2011

Newport Beach!

Saturday we spent the afternoon at Newport Beach. When we first got there, we walked out to the end of the pier and watched all the fisherman catch mackerel. Carter was in heaven. of course he made friends with some of the fisherman and he got to hold a mackerel. He was a little upset that he couldn't do some fishing. It was fun to watch them catch mackerel and crabs. The rest of the time, we spent walking the beach, collecting sea shells, and playing in the water. Calee didn't like the waves too much, but Carter and Cambree had a blast. It was a very fun and very relaxing day. sometimes I wish we lived closer to the ocean. I love it there!

Mom and Dad

Kyle and Addi

Addi, Emily, Kyle, Cambree, Carlie, and Carter

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So, we surprised our kids and took them to Disneyland last week. We stayed at our favorite hotel (Del Sol) and went to Disneyland and California Adventure on wednesday, thursday, and friday. The weather was perfect, and wednesday and thursday the crowds weren't bad at all. My mom and dad, Carlie, Emily and Kyle all joined us on thursday and friday. Shandi also flew in friday to be with us. Our kids loved every second of it. We got to see a lot of characters this year and the kids had fun getting their autographs in their little autograph books. The highlight of this year's trip was getting to see Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. Christy had to wait in line for an hour and a half, but it was worth it. Calee was so excited to see her and even gave Rapunzel a big hug.

Cambree playing "musical chairs" with Alice, Mad Hatter, Rabbit, and the Queen
Toy Story Mania

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider

My Dad and cousin Carlie acting like tards. gotta love em'

Fremont Street

We decided we wanted to go down to Fremont Street and walk around and catch a music and light show. It was a lot of fun, but probably not the best place to take our kids. It was quite an eye opener for them. There were a lot of wierd people, drunk people, half-naked girls, and a few almost completely naked girls. We were one of the only families there with small kids, so we got a lot of strange looks. We even had old people look at us like we were child abusers for bringing them there. It was fun though, and our kids loved the music and lights show on the ceiling. They also loved the people that stand like statues until you give them money.

this picture was made out of spray paint. it was amazing to watch him.

Fun in Las Vegas

We stayed in the Luxor this time and our kids thought it was pretty awesome that we were staying in a giant pyramid. We took them to the Rainforest Cafe in MGM for dinner and surprised them by telling them we were going to disneyland the rest of the week. They were super excited! We spent the rest of the night walking along Las Vegas blvd and shopping in the m&m store and the coke store. Our kids had a blast and Carter got to get his picture taken with HALO Master Chief, which totally made his whole night.

Carter and Master Chief