Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cove Fort

Saturday, on our way to St. George, we stopped at Cove Fort for a little break. It was windy, and not too many people were there. A very nice sister missionary met us and asked us if we wanted to take the tour. This time we got to watch the video in the Hinckley cabin, instead of the visitors center. This was our second trip to Cove Fort, and it was an amazing experience. It is such a special place with awesome stories and history to it. I love being there and thinking about the pioneers, dignitaries, and prophets that visited there. It is always such a neat spiritual experience. It has become one of our favorite stops whenever we head to St. George.  
 The entrance to the fort
 The front doors
 Love this boy!

 Cambree and Emmy
 the kitchen
 Christy and Calee
 Cambree at one of the lookout holes
 the courtyard

 looking down into the fort

 our tour guide
 all the kids