Friday, March 2, 2012

Carter and basketball

We are so proud of Carter and how awesome he did in basketball this year. He has really become a good little athlete and loves the game of basketball. I can't count the hours he has spent practicing in the driveway or playing with friends at school. It is fun to see him improve and develop a love for the game. He played on a recreation team for Harrisville and I was assistant coach this year. Carter and Micah were definitely co-mvps this year scoring the majority of our points this season. We are proud of Carter. He is excited to start playing on a comp team with other really good players that will challenge him a little bit more.

Cambree and Ballet

This week was performance week at the girls' Ballet school and so Christy and I had the opportunity to go watch Cambree and Calee dance and show us what they have been learning. They are both getting so excited for their dance recitals in May. Cambree was especially excited on tuesday, because she got one of her dance costumes and was able to try it on. She looked so cute. We love our girls so much and love watching them dance. They are both so cute and seem to be naturals at dancing.