Monday, September 28, 2009

Primary Program

Yesterday was the Primay program and we were so proud of our kids. They have been practicing their parts for a few weeks, and we have also been singing all the primary songs in the car everywhere we go. Cambree had her part memorized but when she got up to give it, one of the leaders whispered the words in her ear instead of letting her say it. Carter never quite memorized his and we could tell he was nervous, but he did great. He is getting so good at reading. It was fun to see our kids sing the words to all the songs. You can tell which kids are in primary every sunday and know the songs. You can also tell the ones that aren't there very much and don't know the songs. They just stand there while all the other kids are singing. kind of sad. Our kids love to sing primary songs, and know a lot of them by heart. We are proud of them and love them so much!

Christy's Birthday

Yesterday was Christy's birthday, so it was her weekend. She got to choose what she wanted to do. Friday night we got together with friends at Maddox for dinner, and then afterwards had a fun Nintendo Wii night at our house. Saturday we slept in, had a nice breakfast and then took the kids to the Hogle Zoo. Our kids were pretty excited! They have been wanting to go and see the new baby elephant Zuri pretty bad. The weather was perfect. The zoo wasn't too crowded. The baby elephant Zuri was so cute and a lot of fun to watch. She was running around and playing the whole time we were there. I think our kids could have watched her all day. The baby giraffe and the baby tiger cubs were also pretty cute. Of course we had to ride the carousel, and the train. It was just a very fun, relaxing day.