Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cutest pumpkin in the patch

This is Calee's favorite outfit lately. Mostly because of the Tutu. She wore it two days in a row this week. (with a washing in-between) As soon as she saw it come out of the dryer, she wanted to wear it again. She does look pretty stinkin' cute in it, though. We took the kids down to Farrs Ice cream one night, and everyone in the Ice Cream shop just thought she was the cutest thing they had ever seen.

Crazy Hair Day!

Friday wash Crazy Hair Day at our kids' school. It is one of their favorite days of the school year. This year Carter's hair is really long so we were able to make it extra crazy. We made a faux hawk and painted his hair blue and green. Cambree's was like a big spider web complete with little purple and black spiders. They were really excited to have such crazy hair. I think their crazy hair dos were pretty awesome!

Baby Peyton

Darrin and Holly came over thursday night and our kids got to see their baby for the first time. They just love baby Peyton and can't get enough of him. It is cute to watch our girls hold him and see how much they love him. We are happy for Darrin and Holly. He is such a cute little baby boy.

Carter's Cub Scout troop visits the fire station

I had the fun opportunity to give Carter's cub scout troop a tour of the fire station this week. Carter was more excited than anyone. He marched them around the station, showing them everything there was to see. I went down the fire pole for them. They got to climb around in all the trucks, and I showed them what was in each compartment. They all got to try on an airpack and full turnout gear. I think that they had a lot of fun.