Thursday, October 20, 2011

Calee's field trip to the Fire Station

Calee's pre-school field trip to the Fire Station was wednesday and Christy was able to go with her. Calee wasn't as excited as all the other kids, because Calee spends a lot of time at the Fire Station whenever she comes to see me when. I was sad that I couldn't be there, but I had to be at a workshop in Salt Lake for work. Yesterday was B shift, so Jason Gorder led the kids on their tour. Christy said he did a really good job. Calee said that she had a lot of fun and told all the kids in her class that her Daddy is a firefighter. Christy took a few cute pictures of Calee and her class.
 Cambree peeking out of the ambulance

 Calee sitting on the front of Ladder 21
Calee and her pre-school class

Grandma Call's Annual Halloween Party!

My Grandma Call has always thrown the best Halloween Party every year for as long as I can remember. She always has really good dinner and dessert followed by fun games and activities for the kids. She also has a Halloween craft for the kids to do and BOO Bingo. She even sends out invitations in the mail. She is such an awesome Grandma and we just love her so much. We are so grateful for the time and effort she puts into having such a fun party for the whole family each year. Our kids were excited to dress up in their costumes and they had fun playing all the games and winning lots of fun candy and toys. It was a really fun night. This year Grandma held the party at the Ben Lomond Golf course Clubhouse. It was nice because we had a lot more room and it was more easily accessible for Aunt Karen and her wheelchair.
 Calee the "Fairy Princess" and Cambree the "Cheerleader"
 Carter, the "Mad Hatter"
 Terry the "Rocker"

The kids with Grandma Call