Monday, October 18, 2010

Cove Fort!

On our way home, we decided to stop at Cove Fort. What an awesome experience. We watched a video on the history of cove fort. We also got to go inside all the rooms in the fort. It was an amazing place, and you could feel the spirit there really strong. I am amazed at what the pioneers went through, and the amazing things they were able to accomplish. It was neat to stand in some of those rooms and think about some of the people that once stayed there.

Tabernacle, park, and fireworks!

Fun in St. George!

Saturday, we spent the day in St. George. We shopped at the outlet stores, we ate dinner, and then we went downtown to visit the historic section of town. We visited the Brigham House, the Tabernacle, and all the cool little places along the way. We ended up down in the park behind the Tabernacle. There is a cool little place with waterfalls, rocks, and little mini rivers that the kids played in for a while. There also was a really neat fireworks show right there in the park that we got to sit and watch. It was a very fun and very relaxing evening.
 Brigham Young Winter Home

 Carter took this picture of us (I think he did a great job, too!)

 the kids hangin' with Brigham Young

Fun in Vegas!

We had fun in Vegas friday night. We took the kids to Circus Circus and let them play all the games and win lots of stuffed animals. We also caught some circus acts. We ended up eating Mcdonalds for dinner and then playing more games. Our kids would have stayed there all night long playing, if we would have let them. They had tons of fun.

Pawn Stars!

One of my favorite TV shows is a show called "Pawn Stars". It is all about a famous pawn shop in Las Vegas. Friday, after our trip to Hoover Dam, we decided to go find this pawn shop. We waited in line for over a half an hour and when the line didn't even move, we decided to walk up to the front and see what was going on. Turns out, they were actually filming, and we were told we would have to wait a few hours to get in. so, we decided to take some pictures and call it good. I am little disapointed that I didn't get to go inside and see "old man", "Rick", "Big Hoss", or "ChumLee." I really wanted my picture with one of them. Oh well, I figure we will go there again the next time we are in Vegas. It was still cool to see the store in person.

Our trip to Hoover Dam

Friday morning, we woke up and drove to Hoover Dam. Our kids had never been to Hoover Dam and were very excited. Christy and I had not been to Hoover Dam since we were kids. We took the Hoover Dam Power Plant tour.I forgot how amazing Hoover Dam really is. What is more amazing, is the new bypass bridge. Unfortunately, the bridge wasn't open yet, but it was still awesome to see in person.

Carter and Grandma Call
Heading down to the Tour
on our tour. (53 floors down)
the "giant" generators

in the museum
learning about power

Kyley and the rest of the family