Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fill The Boot!

Every year in August, us firefighters have the privilege of collecting money for MDA (kids with Muscular Dystrophy) We take turns volunteering each night to stand out in front of Walmart and Lees Market to ask people for donations. We hold a firefighter turnout boot and people can put their money in it. Some nights we pretty much fill our boots. It is always a very heart-warming experience to watch so many people give so generously. It is always people that don't have a lot themselves, that are so willing to donate generously. I am proud to be a part of it and it is something I love and look forward to every year. This last monday night, no one had signed up for fill the boot and so I suggested to my wife and kids that we should go do it together for our family home evening activity. Our kids were very excited. We went to Lees and spent a few hours over there in front of the store talking to people and taking donations. It was a good experience for our kids. They had a lot of fun and didn't complain once. I took them to 7-eleven afterwards for slurpees and then we counted all of our money at the station. We made a hundred dollars in bills and change. It was a good night!