Monday, July 15, 2013

Cambree's bicycle accident

I hate answering the door to a bunch of the neighborhood kids yelling, "Your daughter is hurt and her skin is open!" All I could picture was her and a compound fracture somewhere on her body. So we go outside, and we see one of our neighbors carrying Cambree and Cambree is crying hysterically. Well, she fell on her bike, and tore her knee open pretty good. We took her to the instacare in North Ogden so they could clean it out and stich her up. They had a hard time cleaning all of the little black pieces of road out of her knee. Cambree was so sad at first, but then they numbed it up really good and she did fine while they stitched her up. After it was all over, we took her to 7-Eleven for a slurpee and that seemed to make everything all better. Now she will just have a cool scar on her knee for the rest of her life. Notice the contrast of emotions in the before and after pictures.