Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Egg hunt at Grandma's house!

Shandi and I hid eggs and candy all over my parents backyard. The kids had a blast running around the yard trying to find them all. Some had candy, others had money in them. After they had all been found, they each picked a spot on the patio so they could open all their eggs and see what was inside them.

Easter Day!

Our kids looked so cute in their Easter outfits. We took these pictures of them on our front porch steps right after Church.

Easter Morning!

Easter morning was fun. Our kids were so excited to see what the Easter bunny had brought them. They each got a toy, an outfit, and their favorite candy. The Easter bunny also left the new Harry Potter movie in the middle of the floor and so they were trying to decide who it belonged to. We told them since it was in the middle of the floor it was for all of them to share. The girls were excited to get new Barbies. Calee got a Rapunzel barbie doll, and Cambree got the Monster High doll she wanted. Carter got some of the Halo action figures and a new Lego Ninjago.

Pleasant View Easter Egg Hunt

We have a tradition of taking our kids up to Pleasant View city's Easter Egg hunt every year on the Saturday morning of Easter weekend. They split the kids up in different age groups and set them free at 9:00. It has grown to be a pretty popular thing. It can be a little chaotic, but our kids enjoy it. It only takes a few minutes before the entire park is picked clean of every piece of candy. Christy stayed with Calee and helped her, while I stayed with Cambree and Owen. Carter, his cousin Eli, and his friend Parker were together. I tried to take video but I lost them in a matter of seconds and then it was too chaotic. They had a lot of fun and ended up getting plenty of candy. It is fun for Christy and I because we always see a lot of family and friends and their kids.
Carter and Parker
Cambree before the hunt

Owen found a real duck egg this year
All the kids together

Cambree, Eli, and Owen checking out their loot
Eli, Owen, and Carter