Wednesday, March 16, 2011

another tooth, gone!

Cambree noticed one of her teeth was loose this weekend. She started wiggling it Sunday and wouldn't let any of us touch it. She kept telling us that she wanted the Dentist to pull it out, not any of us. We told her ok, but to just keep wiggling it back and forth. Sunday night she came to us all excited, with her tooth in her hand. She was so excited to put it in a baggy and leave it on her nighstand for the tooth fairy. She was even more excited the next morning when she discovered the tooth fairy had been there and left some money. She ran around the house telling each of us and showing us the money. She even woke Calee up to tell her. She looks really silly with a tooth missing on top and now one missing on the bottom in the same place.

kids and their cousins

Our kids were so excited to have their cousins in town this week. Kevin, Mandy and their kids were here this week for spring break. All we heard, every day, was "Can we play with Eli, Owen, and Isabelle?" We were able to spend some time up at my parents house and let the kids be together. They had fun playing in the yard and hot tubbing together in the hot tub. It is hard on them to live so far apart from each other. They play so well together. Here are some pics we took of them playing in the back yard after sunday dinner.