Sunday, April 25, 2010


Last night after pizza and bowling, our kids got to do flowrider with their uncle Kyle. He is so patient and good with them. Eli and Carter went by themselves a few times, but most of the time each of the kids would take turns riding on Kyle's back. They were all very brave and had a lot of fun. Calee didn't have a swimming suit, so we let her run around in her diaper. Everytime they would shut flowrider down, she would walk out into the water and swim for a minute. I didn't take any boardshorts, but the more I watched them, the more I wished I would have. It was still fun just watching the kids do it.

One of Carter's wipeouts

Bowling at FatCats

Kevin, Mandy, and their kids were in town the last couple of days, and last night we were able to get together as a family down at the Junction. We ate dinner together at the Pizza Factory and then we all went bowling at FatCats. The kids had a blast being together. Shandi and Emily helped Calee bowl and it was fun to watch how excited she would get.

Eli and Carter

Cambree, Eli, Carter, and Owen

Over-nighter at Willard Bay

Friday night I took my Boy Scouts on an overnighter to Willard Bay. Carter loves to go with me whenever I go on a campout. It is nice to get away and go on little over-nighters with him once a month. After dinner, we went on a little hike along Willard Bay. Carter and the boys tried to catch frogs along the bank. Carter did manage to catch some tadpoles and of course he had to bring them home.