Saturday, February 25, 2012

Our silly Calee

Calee was so intent on helping me clean all three bathrooms in our house. She did a pretty good job for a 4 year old. She was so cute and took it so seriously. She looked so cute wiping the mirrors that I hurried and snapped these pictures.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Calee and Scissors

One thing Calee was most excited about this year and pre-school was that she got to learn how to use scissors and to cute things. Calee loves to use scissors and cut paper up into a million pieces. It is messy, but she is so darn cute that we usually just let her cut away and have good ol' time. I just had to pull out the camera and take a few pictures of her.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet Fiesta!

This year for our Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet, we decided to have a mexican fiesta. Since we are friends with the Cottams, who own Bellas mexican restaraunt, we had them cater the chips and salsa for the appetizer and sweet nachos for dessert. They did an amazing job. They brought a huge bowl of chips and all the salsa we could eat. Each family was in charge of bringing something for the main dinner which was tacos.The Browns did an amazing job decorating the gym. The food was awesome, the sweet nachos for dessert was awesome. Carter earned his Bear and they did a neat Bear Ceremony for him. The highlight of the night was the breaking of the pinatas. Bryce and I helped our Webelos make a really cool pinata. We filled it full of candy and gum and the kids had fun breaking it and scrambling for all the candy. It was a really fun night and we are really proud of Carter for earning his Bear and for being such a good kid.
 Chips and Salsa from "Bellas"

 Our sweet Pinata

 Carter getting his Bear
 The Bear Ceremony

 Carter trying to drink down his Buffalo blood during the Ceremony

 Pinata time.... Our string didn't hold, so we ended up sitting it on the table and letting them whack it

Cambree's turn
 Calee's turn
Calee with her mexican mustache

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

We gave Calee a big pink puppy stuffed animal and Cambree a colorful caterpillar stuffed animal for Valentines Day. Carter got a Utah Utes pillow pet. Of course, Calee was being ornery and didn't want her picture taken, but I snapped one of her anyway. Calee wanted to make sugar cookies and take some to Chad Francom (a friend or ours that Calee just loves). So we made sugar cookies with pink frosting and took some to Chad and Jen, but also took them around to some of our other friends. It was a fun night.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Carter!

We invited Christy's family over to eat homemade pizza and celebrate Carter and Darrin's birthdays on friday night. Carter got some really nice presents for his birthday including a limited edition Utah Jazz Paul Millsap jersey which he was totally excited about. He has gone to most of the Jazz games this year and has become quite the Jazz fan, so we also had a Utah Jazz birthday cake made for him. He also received some more Skylanders for his xbox skylanders game. On Saturday night, Carter got to go to the Jazz / Lakers game with Brandy and she surprised him with an autographed Hayward jersey for his birthday. On Sunday night, we had a superbowl / birthday party for Carter up at my parents house and they surprised him with a remote controlled helicopter. We ended the birthday weekend by taking him to his favorite restaraunt Bellas for dinner on monday night. We just love Carter so much and hope that his 10th birthday was a good one!

 apparently he loved his new basketball

 his new cabellas hunting/survival xbox game
 his Millsap jersey and his autographed Hayward jersey

 so proud of his new remote control helicopter