Thursday, July 21, 2011

Carter our little golfer!

Our kids were born into a family that golfs and Carter has had clubs since he was a toddler. Most nights you can find Carter in the front yard either playing basketball or swinging his golf clubs hitting practice balls from our yard. He was really excited to be invited to golf Swan Lakes with his cousins yesterday. Carter was even more excited to tell me about his round and how well he did. We are so happy that he has a love for golfing. Thanks Carlie, Megan, and Luke for taking him! He loves you guys!

(I stole these pictures from Carlie)

 Carter, Megan, Luke, and Carlie


Our girls started dance this summer and they absolutely love it! Andrea, from our ward works at Julie Moffitt ballet school and helped us get Cambree and Calee enrolled. She also helped us get their dance outfits that they need.  Both our girls look so cute in their little dance outfits. Calee looks especially cute because she is such a tiny, skinny little thing. I had the opportunity to take Calee to dance last friday morning and watch her. She was so cute and I could tell that she was having fun and loving every second of it. Her teachers both came to me after class and told me how cute our girls were and that they just loved having them in their classes. It was a proud Dad moment.

our new shed!

Well, I finally get to build my shed that I've always wanted. I don't know who was more excited me or my Dad. He loves building projects and he couldn't wait to help me build a shed. We have been working on it together for a few hours every night. Grandpa Call even came down and helped us last saturday and monday night. It has been a lot of fun to build. It is exciting to see it take shape. It will be nice to be able to clean out our garage a little bit and have some more room once it is done. Here are some pictures of our progress:

More Sparkler pictures

Here are a few cool shots that I took of the kids playing with sparklers
 Calee, Tavyn, and Emililly
 Darrin and Peyton