Thursday, September 29, 2011

Flag Football!

Carter really wanted to play tackle football this year, but we didn't know if he was quite ready for tackle yet, so we had him play flag football. He ended up loving flag football and doing really well at it. It helps that he is the biggest and tallest player on the field. We learned that Carter is definitely tough enough to move on and play tackle football. There were times when we had to call him out of the game and tell him to not be so aggressive and remind him that he is playing flag football and not tackle. It was a lot of fun watching him play and we are super proud of him.

The girls' dance performance day!

The girls have been going to dance at Julie Moffet ballet school and have been loving every minute of it. Every so often, there is a performance day where we get to go and watch them the last 15 minutes of their class. Christy and I were able to attend both the girls' classes and get to see them dance. Calee is so tiny and so cute. Cambree is so tall and so pretty. They are both so much fun to watch. It is priceless watching them dance and twirl and have so much fun.

Calee's first field trip!

Calee's pre-school class got to take a field trip to the Ogden Nature Center last week. I had to be in Salt Lake that morning for work, but Christy was able to go with her. The weather was really nice and the kids got to see a lot of really neat birds and animals. Calee was especially excited to tell me all about the turkeys and the deer. The Nature Center has always been one of our kids' favorite places to visit.
 Calee and her best friend, Emmy

 Calee and her friend Garrison

Calee, touching a fuzzy caterpillar