Monday, March 21, 2011

Cambree's new bike

We happened to be in Binghams one day this winter and we saw this bike. It is called the Electra Townie and the second we saw it we thought of Cambree. She outgrew her little purple trek that she has been riding and needed something bigger. We brought her back in to look at it and she immediately fell in love with it. We put it on layaway and have been paying on it. Well, she has been begging us to go and get it. Finally, on friday we took her down there and picked it up. She has been outside riding it every chance she can get. We are so happy that she loves her new bike so much. It is such a cute bike and fits her personality perfectly.

Tree House Night

Thursday night was our kids' school Treehouse Night. We are lucky enough to have an awesome place called the Treehouse Childrens Museum here in Ogden. Our kids love it there and beg us to go every chance they get. All of Majestic Elementary school was there and so it got a little crazy. It was fun for our kids to be there with their friends. Cambree's class even performed a little play, "Where the wild things are" It was really cute and our kids had a fun night.


All of our kids have loved balloons over the years. Calee loves them and everytime we are at the store she wants us to buy her one. Being the "softy" that I am, I always give in and buy her whatever balloon she wants. The other day she wanted this disney princess, Happy Birthday balloon. It is amazing how a 3 dollar balloon from Walmart can mean the world to a little 3 year old girl. Well, one night we put Calee to bed and went to check on her a little while later. When we opened the door, this is what we saw. Little Calee asleep in her bed with her balloon around her wrist. It was one of the cutest things ever. I had to take a picture of her.