Friday, June 22, 2012

Archery World Cup 2012

Ogden hosted the Archery World Cup Semi-finals again this year. This time they were out at the Weber County fairgrounds. I was lucky enough to meet a lot of them and be able to talk to them. I was excited when I found out that there was a mens and womens team from Romania. It was fun to be able to speak Romanian to them. They were really surprised to hear me speaking Romania to them. On one of the days of competition, team USA and team Romania shared a tent and were side by side. It was fun to watch them and cheer them both on. We got a lot of strange looks from people whenever we would cheer for Romania. It was a fun week and really neat to be able to meet so many different people. Surprisingly, the team from Iraq were some of the most friendly people out there. It was a neat experience. Hopefully we get to host the Archery world cup again some day.

 Team USA and Team Romania side-by-side

 Me with a few of the Romanians
Me with the team from Iraq