Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Camping and playing in the river.

Sunday, we spent the day camping, and playing in the river up at Weber Memorial. It was a super hot day, and the river was nice and cold so it was very relaxing. The river was still higher than it normally is this time of year, but we went down to the "pond" at South Fork and it was calm enough for the kids to swim. The kids had a blast and they were excited to be with their cousins.
 Carter and Eli
 Cambree and Owen
 Calee and Isabelle

Cambree and Kirina

The Hardee family Fireworks Extravaganza!

On Saturday night we were invited to eat, party, and watch fireworks with the Hardees. Bryce went on a fireworks shopping spree and spent three hundred dollars on fireworks so we had quite the show. Our kids had a blast with Jason and Jills kids. We had all kinds of fireworks from sparklers all the way up to the really fun big (and now legal in Utah) mortars. The grand finale was called corrupt and it was amazing. A big thanks to our best friends, the Hardees for such a fun night.