Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to School Night!

Monday night was Back to School Night and our kids were super excited. It is such an awesome feeling to see our kids get so excited to go back to school. Both Carter and Cambree love school and can't wait to go back on wednesday. Cambree got Mrs. Burlison this year for 3rd grade and she is awesome! Carter got Mrs. Ritchie  for 5th grade and we couldn't be happier. Everyone has told us that Mrs. Ritchie is the best 5th grade teacher and told us how awesome she is, which has been comforting. It was fun to talk to their teachers and get to know them. It was also fun to see our kids meet up with friends that they haven't seen much this summer and get so excited to be back.

 Cambree and Mrs. Burlison

Carter and Mrs. Ritchie