Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cambree's special friend

Each 2nd grader at Majestic Elementary School was supposed to think of a "special" friend that they have in their lives (that is not a family member or relative) and write something about them and draw a picture of them. When we first talked to Cambree about who she was going to choose, she only had to think about it for a minute before telling us that she wanted to choose Bryce, our next door neighbor and best friend. We do a lot of things with Bryce and Amanda and their kids. Bryce is always playing basketball or hide and seek with our kids and is a good friend to them. She drew an awesome picture of Bryce (complete with blue BYU shirt) and wrote something really sweet about him. Yesterday, the 2nd grade had a special program and Bryce was able to leave work and come to see it. A few children from each class were chosen to get up in front of everyone and introduce their special friend and read what they had written about their special friend. They also sang some cute songs and then at the end there was a 2nd grade friends slideshow.

 This is an igloo that Cambree's class built out of empty milk cartons