Saturday, March 9, 2013

Our new Washer/Dryer Pedastal

This year we used some tax money and bought us a new Front Loader Steam Dryer. We also found a cool Pedastal idea on Pinterest that we decided we wanted to try. We bought all the wood and hardware at Lowes for about 1 hundered dollars. We spent many nights last week building it and painting it up in my parents garage. We are really happy with how it turned out. It is raises them up to where we want them and it looks really nice. We also love having the three laundry baskets underneath that we can easily slide in an out.

Last Weber State game of the season!

Carter and I got to go to Weber State's last basketball game of the season. Kyle has a friend that work security at the games and was able to get us down on the floor before the game. It was fun to be down on the floor and to see the players in person. Carter thought it was awesome! It was a neat experience to get to see them and watch them warmup. We also got to be there to watch our friend Kyley Slater propose to his girlfriend Jessica. It was on the jumbotron and everyone cheered for them. It was awesome. I'm glad we got to be there to see it. We are happy for them. It was a fun night, and Weber State won their game!