Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cambree and her eye appointment

Cambree has been squinting a lot lately and we decided that we better get her in to see the eye doctor. She actually was excited and even more excited that she might "get" to wear glasses. She didn't like getting her eyes dialated and I don't really blame her for that. The appointment went great. She is near-sighted like we thought and she does need glasses for when she is at school and needs to see the board. We tried some on at the eye doctor and she looks adorable in glasses. I am glad that glasses are "cool" these days and that they make really stylish ones now. When I was a kid, getting glasses was a horrible thing and they were definitely not cool or stylish. When we were all done, they gave Cambree the wierd sunglasses to wear outside to protect her eyes while they were still dialated. She hated them and didn't want to wear them, but I made her anyway and made her smile for a picture!