Thursday, February 3, 2011

Carter and the haircut!

Many of you know that Carter decided to grow his hair out this summer. With much hesitation, we decided to let him give it a try. He has had long hair for the last six months (and it has been driving Christy and I crazy for the last six months). Carter has had his moments where he looked cool with long hair, but overall we still prefer it short. He is too active and sweats too much to have long hair. Not too mention it was so messy and out of control in the mornings before school. I threatened to cut it when basketball started, but never did. Finally, the other night we coaxed him into wanting to cut his hair. We didn't force him into it, but made sure that is what he wanted to do. I couldn't believe how different he looks with short hair again. He looks like a little boy again. He says he likes having short hair again, and we are glad to hear him say that. Hopefully he will want to keep it short.... Here are some before and after shots...
 Carter the "shaggy dog"

 Look at all this hair! We could make a wig out of it!
Our handsome boy!

strong enough for a man, PH balanced for a Calee

Christy and I watched Calee go into our bathroom, grab my deodorant stick and start putting it on her armpits. We were laughing so hard. She has done it a few times now. I guess she has watched us do it so often, that she has decided she needs to now. I hurried and grabbed my camera and took a picture of her. oh well, at least she won't have stinky armpits...

all bundled up!

Man, it has been a cold week. A few mornings ago, I bundled the girls up and they looked so cute, I just had to take their picture. Calee looked especially cute because she is so tiny. Cambree decided she needed to wear her hood to her hoodie first and then put her hat over it. Silly girls!

Pink Kindle

One of the best gifts I ever bought my wife was her kindle. I bought it for her last year and she has used it nonstop ever since. She carries it around in her purse and she reads it every chance she gets. She has been looking at skins for it on amazon and when she saw this pink one, she decided she just had to have it. Anyone that knows Christy, knows that pink is her favorite color. Well this what her Kindle looks like now with the pink skin. It looks really awesome. I have to admit that the kindle is pretty amazing and Christy is getting quite the collection of books. Even though I have never been a big reader (except for all those college books), I have even thought about maybe getting a kindle. Nah..... I'm holding out for an IPAD...