Saturday, March 20, 2010

Coca Cola taste test experiment

We discovered something really fun at the Coca-Cola store. You can pay to try 16 of the most popular drinks from other countries throughout the world. We payed our money and gave it a try. Some of them were really good. Some of them were really nasty. It was fun to see what people in other countries all over the world like to drink. My favorite was the lime green drink from one of the countries in South America.

Our 16 different drinks from around the world

Bottoms up!

Night on the strip!

I am pretty convinced that walking the strip in Vegas at night is about the most entertaining thing in the world. I think we just about saw it all. We saw storm troopers, Kiss rocker look-alikes, Pirates, and even Edward from the twilight series. one of my favorites was a panhandler that had a sign that read, "Parents killed by Ninjas, Need money for karate lessons". We also saw a few that said, "Why lie? Need beer!" The best one of the night though, was a big man dressed up as a woman in lingerie and tall stripper boots with man whore written across his hairy chest and stomach, shouting at people. I don't recall exactly what he shouted at us, something obscene about viagra, and getting it up, but it was hillarious.

Vegas, Baby!

The last day of our anniversay vacation, we stayed a night in Vegas at the Monte Carlo. We spent the whole day walking the strip, shopping, people watching, and enjoying the shows. We met up with Kyle, Emily, Tom, Derick, and Monique around dinner time. We all sat and shared a great big pizza from the pizzeria in Treasure Island and watched the show, sirens of T.I. We had a lot of fun.
Christy's favorite hotel, "The Bellagio"
Nike store in the Ceasar's Palace Forum Shops
Sirens of T.I.