Thursday, October 29, 2009

Carving Jack-O-Lanterns

One of our favorite things to do as a family is carve pumpkins. Our kids love scooping all the pumpkin goop out. For some reason, they think that is the coolest thing ever. We carved some really cool ones this year. We still have a couple more to carve in the next day or so, but here are our creations so far:

Grandma Call's Annual Halloween Party

My Grandma Call throws the best Halloween Party in the whole world. She plans all year long for it. She sends out pre-invitations and official invitations. She always has tons of really good food and dessert. This year was Mexican food with Tacos, Quesadillas and all kinds of good stuff. The kids all get to play BOO-Bingo and win lots of candy and prizes. This year she had a carnival. All the kids each got a handful of tickets and could play all the games they wanted and win prizes and candy. Our kids had a blast! The funnest game this year was one where two people compete against each by shooting water out of a spray bottle across the room at a strip of toilet paper and the one to get their paper to break first wins. It was a lot of fun. Thank-you grandma for all of your hard work and for another very fun and successful Party. We love you!
Carter and Ben
Carter Wins!

Our kids' costumes this year

Carter wanted to be a storm trooper really bad, but we told him he couldn't wear a mask so his second choice was to be a firefighter. He is pretty excited about his costume, because we found him some cool real kid-size firefighter turn-outs and he is wearing my old helmet and some real boots that I found in his size. Cambree wanted to be the little mermaid. She wanted a red wig, but we told her she could just be a cute blonde mermaid instead. Calee is a cute little pink fairy princess.

Calee the Rockstar Drummer!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our Cute Kids

Picking out pumpkins with the Pumpkin Man!

This saturday the weather was perfect, so we took the kids to Lyle Dabb's farm (The Pumpkin Man) to pick out their pumpkins for Halloween. Our kids had a blast picking out pumpkins and talking to the Pumpkin Man. (Calee was a little freaked out by him) They also got to wander around his little farm and play with his ghost machines and all the other toys he has there. There was also a little grey cat they they chased all over the place. Carter had fun weighing the pumpkins on the big scale. If our kids had their way, we would have come home with at least 10 pumpkins, but we told them 6 was enough.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Crazy Hair Day!

It was crazy hair day today at Majestic Elementary. It is one of Carters favorite days of the whole year. Last year we painted his hair bright green. This year we decided to change it up a little bit, so we did blue and green stripes. When I dropped him off at school this morning I noticed a lot of boys had painted hair, but nothing near as cool as bright blue and green stripes. Christy did Cambree's crazy hair-do this morning. They put in different colored elastics and made pony tails all over. Cambree was pretty excited to have her first crazy hair day.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Four-wheeling to Farmington Peak

This weekend Carter and I went for a ride up Farmington Canyon on the four-wheelers with My Dad, Grandpa Call, and Kyle. It was cold, but we were bundled up warm and we had a blast. There was plenty of mud and snow which made riding a lot of fun. The views from Farmington Peak were amazing. We could also look off the other side and see Morgan. Carter and I had our first experience of what it is like to roll a 4-wheeler. We rolled ours off the edge of a trail down into the snow. Pretty scary, but we were both ok. I don't know how, but it didn't even put a scratch on our four-wheeler and except for a few sore muscles, Carter and I were untouched.

The girls in their matching Halloween outfits