Thursday, July 19, 2012

North Shore!

We love living so close to the North Shore aquatics center. Our kids love it and if they had their way, we would spend every day there during the summer. We have been going in the evenings after Christy and I get off from work.  Yesterday we went and Holly and Peyton met us there. We also had Addison for a little while. Our kids had fun playing with Peyton and Addi. Carter found friends from school and pretty much stayed with them the whole time. When Cambree wasn't with Peyton and Addi, she was with me chasing boys from her school (and they were chasing her). The highlight of the day though, was Calee finally got brave enough to go down the big blue waterslide with me. In fact, she went down twice. It was a fun day.
Here are two pictures that I snapped at the pool with my phone.
Cambree and Peyton