Monday, July 16, 2012

Carlie's farewell!

Yesterday was my cousin Carlie's mission farewell. She is going to Fukuoka Japan and she is very excited. She did an awesome job speaking yesterday and kept us all entertained. She is such a character and she is so good to our kids. They love Carlie and are going to miss seeing her at Grandma's house every Sunday. They will also miss her sleepovers, golf outings and camping trips. The next 18 months will fly by though, and she will be back before we know it. We are so proud of her and her decision to serve a mission. She is a good example to our kids. We look forward to hearing all about her experiences in Japan. I'm sure it will be tough but it will be amazing! We love you Carlie and we are proud of you!!!

BIG GREEN Popsicles!

Our kids love popsicles! especially the last couple of weeks during the heat wave we have been having. They can go through a box of otter-pops in a hurry. It is a very common sight to see our kids and all their friends eating them wherever they go. We don't mind buying them as long as the wrappers go in the garbage. Well, lately they have a new favorite popsicle. They are giant green lemon-lime popsicles. I thought Cambree, Calee, Avery, and Cooper all looked cute eating them the other night and I snapped this picture with my Iphone.

Dressed like Cows!

one of our kids' favorite places to eat is chick-fil-a and friday night was dress up like a cow night. If you dress up like a cow your meal is free. We decided to go to the one in the Newgate mall hoping it wasn't too crowded. There were several families there all dressed up like cows. Our friends, the Browns, from our ward were there eating together, all dressed up like cows.  A co-worker of mine Scott Klema and his girlfriend were also there dressed up like cows. It was a very fun and very cheap friday night dinner out.