Saturday, January 2, 2010

Calee and her new Phone

One of Calee's favorite presents this year was this silly little princess cell phone. She carried it around and talked on it all day long. She is so silly!

Christmas Day

We had a really nice Christmas this year. My only complaint is that it came and went way too fast. We spoiled our kids rotten this year. Every year we say that we aren't going to go overboard, but we always do. It is way too hard not to spoil them. It was so much fun to watch them get so excited for Santa Clause to come. They were so excited to set out cookies and milk for Santa and to set their stockings out and get their own little "areas" of the family room ready for Santa to come. This year Christy and I bought each other clothes and few little things, but our main present to each other was a new snowblower. I'll have to say, I am proud of my kids. They really know what Christmas is about. They know we celebrate it because of Christ's birth. Each night we tried to read a Christmas book with them and feel the Christmas spirit, so they can remember that Christmas is more than just Santa and presents.

Cambree and her new "American Girl Doll" Chrissa
Calee with her new "American Girl Doll" bitty baby
and her new pink Radio Flyer bike

Making Christmas sugar cookies

This year Christy made sugar cookies to take to Cambree's kindergarten class. They each got to frost and decorate a sugar cookie. It was a real hit. The kids loved decorating and eating Christmas sugar cookies. Of course we had extras, so Carter and Cambree sat and frosted and decorated the rest of them to take around to family and friends.

Cambree's Christmas concert

This year we got to Cambree's Christmas kindergarten choir performance early so we could sit up close to the front. She looked so pretty in her red, sparkly Christmas dress. She is the little singer of the family and she did such a good job singing all the Christmas songs. Her favorite song this year was "We wish you a merry Christmas" that they changed to say "We fish you a hairy Christmoose" complete with actions. It was very cute.