Tuesday, October 30, 2012

our 2012 Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns

We love carving pumpkins at our house. We carved a lot of them this year, but these were some of our best creations:

Ward Party and Trunk or Treat

Our kids look forward to the Ward Halloween Party and Trunk or Treat every year. It always starts out with soups and chilis and then the young men and young women in our ward put on a carnival for all the kids. After the carnival, everyon goes outside for trunk or treat and doughnuts and juice. This year, Christy and I had our three kids plus three more. Cambree's friend Averee came and then we also took Brylee and Emma Petersen with us. It gave us a glimpse of what it would be like to have six kids. They were all so good and we had such a fun night. The kids loved playing all the games, getting their faces painted, and trunk or treating. We only saw Carter a few times. He was running around with his friends Jaxon and Taylor the whole time having fun with all the other kids in the ward, so I didn't get too many pictures of him. We feel so blessed to live in this ward and have so many friends. It was a fun night!

Carter and Jaxon
Calee and Noah
Brylee, Emma, and Calee
Cambree and Averee

Kelsie, Averee, and Cambree

Monday, October 29, 2012

Dance Performance Day

Today was Dance Performance Day at Calee's Ballet school. There is nothing better in this world than watching our kids perform. Whether it's watching Carter in sports, or our girls in dance, it is always the best part of my day and I just love them so much. Calee is so tiny and so cute. We are very proud of her and the little dancer she is becoming. We are also so grateful for her ballet teachers. They are so awesome and just love Calee so much!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Raking leaves at Grandma's house

Last night after our weekly Sunday dinner at Grandma's house we went out into the back yard and raked leaves. It didn't take long before we had a huge pile to run and jump into. The kids took turns jumping into the pile and even some of the adults took turns jumping in. We took some pretty funny home video of all of us running and jumping in.

Carving Pumpkins and Baking cookies!

two of our kids' favorite things to do during Halloween. Carving pumpkins and baking sugar cookies. We did both yesterday. We carved pumpkins after church, and then last night we made sugar cookies to take around to all of our friends and neighbors.

Our kids love scooping out pumpkin guts and making a mess. Our kids also love to try and carve their own pumpkins. They did a pretty good job this year. We still have a few more pumpkins to carve the next couple of nights, but here are a few pictures I took. They also snapped a picture of me pretending to eat a big bite of pumpkin guts.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Park City Ghost tour 2012

Friday night we went with some friends of ours, Chad and Jen Francom, up to Park City for a fun little over-nighter. We stayed in the Park City Peaks Hotel. We ate dinner at a fancy little Italian restaraunt on Main Street called Ciseros. Afterward we wandered main street and then met at the Miner Statue for a Park City Ghost tour. Our tour guide's name was John and he was awesome. The tour took us up to the top of Main street and then back down, stopping along the way to see different buildings and to hear some bone-chilling ghost stories. Ironically, our first stop was Ciseros, the place we ate dinner. We learned a lot of really cool history about Park City. We also heard a lot of pretty crazy ghost stories. It was a lot of fun. After the tour we went and got hot chocolate and then went back to our hotel to relax in the hot tub. The next morning we woke up, ate breakfast, and then went back up to Main street so we could visit the Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory store and load up on some chocolate goodies before heading home. It was very fun to get away from the kids for a night and spend time with Chad and Jen.
 one of famous grafitti artist, Banksy's works in Park City
 Christy and Jen

 The famous Cisero's restaraunt where we ate dinner
 one of the buildings on our tour.
(third gable over, in that room, a woman named Lizzie was brutally murdered by her husband)
 another one of Banksy's famous works

 us with our tour guide John
us with Chad and Jen

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Calee's field trip to the Pumpkin Man

Calee had a field trip with her pre-school class to see the Pumpkin Man. She was super excited and has been there plenty of times and loves it there. It actually snowed the night before. It was the first year we had ever been to the pumpkin man in the snow. Although, it was snowy and on the cold side, the kids had a blast! They each got to collect some pretend eggs out of the old chicken coop, they got to see the pumpkin man perform some magic tricks, and they each got to pick out their own little pumpkin. It was a fun field trip!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Our kids' School Pictures 2012

We are so proud of Carter and Cambree! We love going to Parent/Teacher conferences and hearing about what good kids they are and how good they are doing in school. We just love them so much! These are their school pictures for this year and they turned out great!

This is Cambree's pirate girl that she made at school.
She is super proud of it and it hangs on her bedroom door at home. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Picking out pumpkins 2012

Each year when it comes time to pick out pumpkins, our favorite place to go is to Lyle Dabbs farm in Farr West, aka "The Pumpkin Man". It is a fun little roadside farm and he always has lots of really awesome pumpkins. He likes to dress up as the Pumpkin Man and surprise the kids. This year we took the kids and Cambree's little friend Averee and picked out some really nice pumpkins and of course we saw the pumpkin man and got our pictures with him.
 Cambree and Averee
 Calee trying to lift a giant pumpkin
 the girls with the Pumpkin Man
 Calee, Cambree, Averee, and Carter