Monday, November 29, 2010

Sami and Jared's wedding

Sami and Jared were married Saturday night up in Pleasant View. Our kids were so excited to be able to go to a wedding. Carter looked handsome in his dress clothes and his new black and red tie. Our girls look very cute in their black dresses. The wedding was very nice and we are so happy for Sami and Jared.

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One Happy Heart Family said...

What adoarable little things!! Okay I swear Carter has grown up over night!! It seems like yesterday he was my little handful teaching his primary class and now he is a little MAN!! I love it!! I love when I see him riding his bike he always stops and says "Hi" makes my day everytime! Time goes by way too fast! Seriously!! Okay and I LOVE those black boots!! Love em!! I found Kylie a pair of cute black boots with a buckle, of course she didn't like them!! She wanted to pink ones Daddy picked out!! LOL Maybe one day!!