Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Camp Kiesel!

Carter got to go to Camp Kiesel last thursday with all the cub scouts in our ward. He was so excited, that he talked about Camp all week long. Carter absolutely loves scouting and everything about it. He wanted me to got with him this year to camp, but there were seven women leaders going, so I opted to stay home. Carter said that he had a blast. He said he loved shooting the bb guns and bow & arrows the best. He also said they had a lot of fun in the rowboats and that the Bishop tried to get everyone wet. Of course the highlight of the trip to day camp was all the fun stuff that he bought at the Trading Post including a new swiss army knife. We are just glad he loves scouting so much and that he had such a fun time at camp this year. A big thank-you to all of his leaders for doing such a good job and helping Carter in Scouting! (p.s. thanks Kari for the pictures)

Parker and Carter
All the boys

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